Father Christmas signs €3.7 billion sponsorship deal – Santa to only deliver presents made by Nike, Sony and Hasbro from 2019 onwards

May 27, 2018

CEO Claus flies in to an AGM at Father Christmas PLC's corporate headquarters in Rovaniemi

In its biggest shakeup for centuries, the North Pole toy factory has announced that from December 2019 it will be outsourcing its customer fulfilment services entirely to a select group of multinationals.

The ten year sponsorship deal, brokered by London management consultancy firm TWTS, will mean that 100% of all Christmas gifts delivered by sleigh will be manufactured by sports shoe maker Nike, electronics giant Sony and toy-maker Hasbro.

“We have in the past tried to deliver what children asked for, providing they’ve been good of course.” chuckled CEO S. Claus in his Arctic office “But it is a different world now, we have to wake up and smell the coffee. The main aim of the deal is to leverage our core competencies of brand awareness and access to markets, while keeping overheads on things like manufacturing and packaging to a minimum.”

“If a child asks for a non-Hasbro toy for example, we’ll respond immediately with a note explaining the situation and asking them to choose again.” he said, “And we’ll include a Hasbro product catalogue to help them of course.”

An alliance of rival multinationals and independent manufacturers has put pressure on Father Christmas PLC to reconsider the exclusivity deal, and an official complaint has been registered with the World Trade Organisation.

“That WTO stuff is just hopeless, they’re living in a dreamworld.” said Claus “They really need to put up and shut up. We’re very grateful to TWTS for helping us get this deal through, they really understand the true meaning of Christmas.”

Photo by Glogger used under Creative Commons By-SA-3.0

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