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Iron Sky The Coming Race

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Participate in making of Iron Sky The Coming Race - the sequel to the 2012 cult classic about Nazis on the Moon. Now is the time to go to war against Hitler's dinosaur army!

Polishing a promotional slogan

Created by Jarmo Puskala on September 7, 2016 Deadline: September 08, 2016


We need a slogan to use for some promotional material. We’ve got an idea what we want to say but we’re running out of time with polishing it to be absolutely kick-ass.

The placeholder text we’re using is:

“The biggest lie of mankind is about to be revealed”

That’s kind of what we want, but not exactly. What we want to say is not of a lie that mankind has told, but to say that “the biggest lie told to mankind is about to be revealed”. But you know, better.

So, send us our ideas. We’d like to keep the idea of the sentence, but no need to stick to the wording. Length should be about the same.

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September 7, 2016

Promotional Slogan

“Peel back the skin of the greatest lie ever told.”

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September 7, 2016

promotional slogan

“There Was An Target Beside Evolution…
…known by a handful of individuals…”

The first lines words first letters results in TWAT & BE. Nice?

Kind regards,
Oliver Jacobs (RexBreeder), from Germany

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1473259046 1473259046


September 7, 2016


How about something like:

The mother of all lies is about show it’s face

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1473264138 1473264138


September 7, 2016

Another one

Shorter than your initial line:

“The truth will rear its head.”

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1473265605 1473265605


September 7, 2016

“Mankind’s biggest deceit is about to be excavated.”   

“They buried the truth. Just not deep enough”

Then there’s the an actual Iraq conspiracy documentary (Buried in the Sand 2004) that has the tagline

“No longer will the truth be buried in the sand.”


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How do we even share an Idea?

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September 7, 2016

“The truth sleeping in the holow earth is about to be awoken”

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September 7, 2016

Promotion Slogan

You’ve already lost…

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September 7, 2016

Promotional slogan

“The truth lies inside/beneath everything”

“Truth always comes out”

“They have been hiding too long”

“Stop that Moon b*llsh!t, welcome the Hollow Earth”

“Heil to the Reptilians!”

“Scratch your skin, the truth is beneath”

“It’s going to be the most epic magic trick”

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1473277805 1473277805
1473285428 1473285428

Benny boy

September 7, 2016


We were deceived. Now we will be destroyed.

Mankind was deceived. But mankind will not be defeated.

Reveal the truth. Relive the excitement.

The truth will be revealed. Earth will prevail.

The truth hurts. But victory is sweet.

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1473286212 1 1473286212


September 8, 2016

Man/mankind/humans thought they knew it all/everything…

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Expanding on this a bit, just left it on Facebook too "We thought we knew it all, but we never even scratched the surface"

1473332283 1 1473363303


September 8, 2016

The Dance Is Over

The charade draws to a close.

The masquerade is concluded.

A great deception unfolds.

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1473332714 1473332714


September 8, 2016

Promotional slogan


Dawn of revelation of the mankind´s biggest lie

Dawn of revelation: the mankind´s biggest lie

Universal hoax to mankind is about to be exposed

Universal hoax to mankind is about to be revealed

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1473345765 1473345765


September 8, 2016

the truth is in there…

You’ve [We’ve] been lied to – the truth is in there…

History as we know it is over – the truth is in there…

If you believe in human history – the truth is in there…

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1473348602 1473348602


September 8, 2016

the truth is down there

sixty five million years of lies are beneath our feet , discover the truth.

the truth is down there.

you have to dig down for the truth.

the hollow . lie of the hollow earth.

the truth , can you dig it?

it  was kept from us , until now.

they lied about the moon , did they lie about the earth?

the tooth is down there.



4 comment(s)

  • iti
  • October 30, 2016

"they lied about the moon , did they lie about the earth?" great line!!!

building on the hollow lie phrase: "the bedrock of your reality is but a hollow lie" "the bedrock that is foundation to your firmest beliefs is but a hollow lie"

icke was right

in 65,000000 years of lies , the moon wasnt the biggest , the truth is down there

1473351789 2 1477856208


September 9, 2016

Are we superior?

Mankind has always been superior, OR have they?

The truth is not what you see or believe in, the truth is that you will be extinct.

We are the alternative reality, they are the true race!

Do not be afraid, it will eat you anyway.

Don’t run from the coming of the deep, they will find you anyway.

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September 14, 2016

Sorry for late

they lied to mankind, so war is coming

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