Few points..nothing more or less.

First of all. The ticket page is not a problem becouse its relatively easy to deal with options.

~ I see that no matter which country is set or chosen the price remains the same. How come?
Its maybe easy for Iron Sky team to handle it in backend but for many people from east europe that adores you, 25$ ticket is nonsense. Too much.

~ Your tickets are not giving any vanity value. No Bzaaz you now. Its like I bought something from chinese site.

~ If someone really choose to buy ticket, how will they know where to use it? Aprox. location, time..anything! Even a notification that some mail will be sent. Your follow up is idle. Really scary.

~ Also, there is no comment box or any interactive questionare about some suggestions about loactions of screening (venues, underground cinephile clubs etc.). Stuff like that can engage even more people and bring you clear perspective regarding next move in distribution.
Im cooperating with two major underground spots in my homecity, where only the cult movies are shown. Yes, those venues charge tickets but 25$ is outreach for many ppl.

~ And after all, where is loyalty support for hard core fans or extras that gave everything to be with this production? Do they have to pay or should they be rewarded somehow with simple mail newsletter/list of some meeting points or free vouchers pre person for screening? How about that.

There is so much more advices and pragmatic options but since I left also other replies in this community with no qnswer I’ll hold my breath and save it.

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