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The Iron Sky The Coming Race -team is looking for your ideas and comments. Join and show your support for Iron Sky The Coming Race.

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Iron Sky The Coming Race

Status: In pre-production
Producer: Tero Kaukomaa
Director: Timo Vuorensola
Release: TBA

Participate in making of Iron Sky The Coming Race - the sequel to the 2012 cult classic about Nazis on the Moon. Now is the time to go to war against Hitler's dinosaur army!

Design us a Logo Animation

Created by Timo Vuorensola on March 1, 2016 Deadline: Not set


Alright, here’s what we need: A logo animation for Iron Sky Universe! You know, those cool logo animations that all the film studios have. Like this.

The company is called IRON SKY UNIVERSE and the logo – the “final end” of the logo animation – is attached. The question is: what kind of an animation there could be for it?

This animation will be used in front of every production we release, be it a trailer, a TV-series, feature film or any video clips we release. So, it means it needs to be a *quick* animation, just 5 seconds long maximum.

So, here’s what I want you to do: come up, by text, or by drawing, or however you feel best, a pitch on what kind of a video it will be. You have free hands to come up with the idea – go ahead and be creative!

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March 1, 2016

Logo animation idea/pitch

Okay, so I got a couple ideas here. There are a few directions you can go to. First; you can look at it quite literal and animate some sort of iron armor texture that rolls over the text and forms the final logo. Add some lensflares en some booming sound effects. Done.


However, what I always prefer is a clean intro that stands on it’s own and doesn’t need all that shine and bling to stand out in the crowd. The letters enter the screen (this could be with a layered fade, entering one by one from a direction off screen, etc, etc.) The light line and the star/flare animate in a fancy way and after all is done moving very dynamically you have a brand standing there in de middle of your screen, ready to be printed in everyone’s mind. Since you only have about 5 seconds this is the way I would recommend and still recall after seeing the movie.

So to recap; I would always go for a clean, sleek, simple and strong animation that uses that precious 5 seconds to make sure people remember your brand.

I do this kind of stuff on a daily basis. Let me make this for you :

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Agreed, sounds really cool way to go about the animation!

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March 2, 2016

I made a clean, 5 second long animation for you

Instead of pitching an idea, I spent the night making an animation that fits your logo.  I tried to make it as clean as possible, so that your logo really stands out instead of some randomn shot of a night time sky like a lot of movie studios have.

Here’s a link to the logo animation I made:

I really hope you like it, it was a lot of work 😉 Feel free to provide any feedback.


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March 2, 2016

Logo telling history so far

I can’t animate, so I did a vertical storyboard format. Save to disk, zoom and scroll.

Tried to tell the story of Iron Sky 1, and expand on it in 5 secs or less, in logo form. Seems doable, though one could simplify it even more.

Could be expanded for future productions rather easily.

I couldn’t figure out how to attach the image so it shows here, so I’ll post a link to it:

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March 5, 2016

my idea

hello to all member ! im not really an animation maker, but i have idea. maybe too commercial, but i think thats you need it. my idea simple: the moon swimming on the screen, and turned to be logo…(sorry my poor english, i hope you sholud be understood , what i wanna say:))   that it is just an low res animation, what im did with gif maker, but i think with the good animation/filmmaker staff, you can reanimation….

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March 7, 2016

The loose piece of moon

Sorry for not having the time to learn to make an animation or draw multiple pictures. However, I’d still like to verbally express my idea.

Origin: The first thing I see in your still logotype is the arch – and I see the missing part of the moon making a solar eclipse, thus the “star” in the arch – the last rays before full eclipse.

Animation crude script

  • Intact moon, as before the hit
  • The moon splits apart, camera follows the loose smaller piece
  • Camera angle/zoom-in such that the small piece covers the Sun, creating a local solar eclipse
  • The arc of the solar eclipse stays as your logo arc, the text fades in the black space

I believe this would be doable in 5 seconds

The question is – does this nail your brand too much to the moon and the first movie?

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April 23, 2016

Simple Animation Idea

Hey I just created a simple animation thatI thought could at least be the start of an idea or early stage of the actual animation. Here’s the link if you want to take a look:

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May 12, 2016

Iron Sky logo appearence

My Idea for creating / appearing of the logo:

  • We open with a shot of the universe (black / dark blue)  with stars
  • From the Left we see the Sun entering the screen ( going –> that way)
    * this can also be done with camera swipe to the right
  • Sun stops in (about) the middle of the screen
  • Now we see entering the Moon from the right sliding to the left ( going <– that way)
  • The color of the moon gets more and more an Iron color (metal grey)
  • When the moon almost Eclipses the Sun the Star shoots out
    * Just like the corona with an actual solar eclips
  • All the screen colors light (until nearly the edges)
  • When the light subtracks, everything of the logo will be slowly seen.
  • It fades back into the star on the arc. (logo)
  • Now only the logo (as seen above) remains.
    * maybe the star can have a little twinkle at the end
  • Fade out for next part.

Hope you’ll get what I’m saying.. could make some drawings to explane a bit more.

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May 23, 2016

Iron Sky Universe – Cinematic Logo Animation


Here’s a logo animation I made in my spare time, I hope you use it (:

Long Version – 7 sec (Movies, TV Shows):

Short Version – 4 sec (Trailers, Video Clips):–MtXo

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  • AVFX
  • December 13, 2016

Uhh.. so are you guys getting paid for this..? Kind of wondering why I can't put food on my own plate right now.. maybe it's because I'm too expensive, when everyone else is working for free.

This is brilliant!.

This is perfect! I choose YOU!

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