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Iron Sky The Coming Race

Status: In pre-production
Producer: Tero Kaukomaa
Director: Timo Vuorensola
Release: TBA

Participate in making of Iron Sky The Coming Race - the sequel to the 2012 cult classic about Nazis on the Moon. Now is the time to go to war against Hitler's dinosaur army!

80’s Metal Band

Created by Timo Vuorensola on October 13, 2015 Deadline: Not set


Our main hero is going to have a t-shirt of an 80’s metal band, but we need a name for it. Like Judas Priest, Van Halen or something like that – it needs to be a band that doesn’t exist. Thanks 🙂

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October 13, 2015

Band name proposals

Give up gravity!

Steel Glass

Hot War


7 comment(s)

Ferocious Dragonqueen

Astral Assault. BattleStorm. Age of Fury. Storm Patrol. Men of Steel. Warskull. Irön Goät (random umlauts can be good). Axe Destroyer ... and finally Necro Pig Fucker (in honour of the British PM)

Astral Assault BattleStorm Age of Fury Storm Patrol Men of Steel WarSkull Irön Goät (random umlauts can be good) Axe Destroyer ... and finally Necro Pig Fucker (in honour of the British PM)

guys, you kno how to leave a proper comment? can't find where's this damn "contribute" button!

SwastikallicA Iron Reich WermachtStein Steel Panzer Luft-Waffle

Krönkhaus Leather Tether Legion of Foom Perkelehead DeathCheddar ArsFais Chronicles of Midget GringleDoom Unklekrunker FukTruk Beaf Kurton The Bishop Sticks MumbleBum Kröösifi Hair Sandwich Satan's Subway TubeDoom Buttwynd The Crunklefuckers AnalSore Buttfinger Brownevil WitchTwät Wizardjizz Electric Cecil MonkSpunk CumKwat

Dead Cyclopse WarPig Raising Hell

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October 13, 2015

Band name


Hairy Lizard

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1444727096 1444727096

Sypher Filton

October 13, 2015

Band Names

Laser Panther
Tiger Lightning
Green Inferno

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1444727246 1444727246


October 13, 2015

you could use my defunct.. band

Enemy Inside

as I am loving Iron Sky, you could also fill content on for some time, putting matching promo to the movie tag lines on it 🙂




1 comment(s)

Lead Metalhead

1444727471 1444732720


October 13, 2015

as Spinal Tap is already taken…

i suggest Götter Dämmer     or    Reich’s Tag  or  Löre Lei

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1444731772 1444731772


October 13, 2015

80s Band Name

Banned Plasma

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1444735869 1444735869


October 13, 2015

80s band name

Ideas for metal band names:

Flamin’ Gators

Iron Within



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1444736502 1444736502


October 13, 2015

Something with “Lizard” in it.

Such as :

  • Metallizard
  • Hellish Lizards
  • Lizard Death Squad
  • Chrome Lizards
  • Terror Lizard
  • Blue Lizard Cult


If such a play around the whole Vril concept is not too far fetched of course!


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1444736661 1444736661


October 13, 2015

Band Names

I think this would be a good opportunity to do some cross promotion by calling the band Kung Fury (it’s worth asking David Sandberg).

Or why not contact the ’80s-loving glam/metal band Steel Panther?  Of course, they’d have to really, REALLY tone done any song they do, but they seem like great guys to work with.

Failing “Kung Fury” or “Steel Panther”, how about:

  • Iron Rex (or Rex Iron…that could be the lead singers’ name)
  • Hollow Earth Metal, Inc (HEMI)
  • Rotten to the Core
  • Death from Within
  • Derek Screamed Metal (ok…I want to see my name on the t-shirt)

3 comment(s)

  • P1r
  • October 17, 2015

For some reason my browser won't let me press the thumbs up, but Kung Fury is brilliant!

Good idea, Ferzkopp!

How about adding an Umlaut: "Küng Fury" or "Kung Füry"

1444741086 1 1445074249


October 13, 2015

Name requires Heavy-Metal-Umlauts (i.e. “Röck Döts”)

Any credible 80’s rock band uses Umlauts e.g. Motörhead.

It would be good if it resembles any existing band.. Few ideas:

Irönhead (see Motörhead)

Irön Missy or Irön Maid (see Iron Maiden)

Manöver or Womanöwar (see Manowar)

Steellicä (od course written as Metallica)

Bläck Saturdäy or Bläck Sundäy (see Black Sabbath)

regarding the comment from Derek, if Steel Panther is in, then I would anyway change it to Steel Pänther. That’s just much cooler with Umlauts

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1444745632 1 1444745632


October 13, 2015

Cocoa metal

Cocoa brand “Van Houten” could look fine as hair metal logo.

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1444745713 1444745713


October 13, 2015

80s band name

What about NÄZILLICA ?

2 comment(s)

...or SKIRONY?

Darkeche Moon The Cührer

1444745837 1444747225


October 13, 2015

Band Names












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1444748238 1444748238


October 13, 2015


Astral Assault. BattleStorm. Age of Fury. Storm Patrol. Men of Steel. WarSkull. Irön Goät (random umlauts can be good). Axe Destroyer … and finally Necro Pig Fucker (in honour of the British PM)

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1444748358 1444748358


October 13, 2015


Tötenhämmer (hammer of the dead) should have just the right amout of umlauts, placed just the appropriately wrong places.

1 comment(s)

Yeah ! +1 !

1444750264 3 1444760784


October 14, 2015

Fictional 80s Metal

I’m liking the sound of something like:

Nosferatu Monk

Reapers Heart

Boadicea’s Ghost

Burning phallus

Einstein’s Equation

Great Dictators

Bastard child of Oz

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1444799882 1444799882


October 14, 2015

Hörny Beasts

Anglicized variation of the 80s Berlin band Geile Tiere (Sample).

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1444800388 1 1444800388


October 14, 2015

Two suggestions of mine

“Stacheldraht Mädel”  that is Barbwire Maiden” in english.  Sounds nasty enough.

On the other hand, cyberpunk was born in the eighties, anyone remember Neuromancer… therefore something came in mind as a band name:

“HotWired Skull”


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1444832943 2 1444832943


October 14, 2015

Metal Band Names

Untermenschen (sub-humans)

Iron Fisting

Fatherland Rejects

My Iron Struggle

99 Iron Balloons

Atomic Paradise


Wall Smashers

Untermenschen (sub-humans)


Sturmabtilung (stormtroopers)

AGNA – Google it!


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1444841080 1444841080


October 14, 2015

Band Name

The Name of the Metalband should “Violator” as a ironic reference to the best band in the 80s > Depeche Mode. Regarding the album’s title, Martin Gore of Depeche Mode said, “We called it Violator as a joke. We wanted to come up with the most extreme, ridiculously Heavy Metal title that we could. I’ll be surprised if people will get the joke. 🙂

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1444847175 1 1444847175

October 15, 2015

Band Name


Don’t ask me why, but it immediately makes me think about 80’s Metal, plus i can See the Band Logo in front of me 😉

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1444895052 1 1444895052

October 15, 2015

80s band name

Dead-Eyed Nazis

Yeah, might not be the best 80s metal band name, but I find it apt 😀

1 comment(s)

Just name it Iron Sky and change the symbol on the left into a electric guitar

1444897661 1445024658
1445025800 2 1445025800


October 17, 2015


Blaze of Glory. Would also work well with random umlauts all over. Bläzë öf Glörÿ.
The Bon Jovi track is horrible, but the expression has a nasty nazi-kind of ring to it.

Otherwise, wouldn’t it be nice with a Laibach reference?
Neu Konservatiw


Preferably, the t-shirt backside could be “Occupied Moon Tour”, but that’s for Iron Sky 3 I suppose…

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1445075159 2 1445075159


October 19, 2015

Métal band name…suite

I suggestions Flesh and the Youngbloods

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1445272965 1445272965


October 22, 2015

How about

Gential Motörs

Sand Witches

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1445522131 1445522131


October 22, 2015

Could it be…

The Teleport Aliens!

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1445531970 1445531970
1445629042 1 1445629042

October 24, 2015

Walhalla Jetty

Maybe just some basic names from the Walhalla idea :

  • ( Van ) oder ( Agnar ) Einherjer
  • ( Van ) Ragnarök

Other nordic names:

  • ( Van ) Artali ( = the Moon )
  • ( Van ) Stormssen ( = son of the heavy wind )


1 comment(s)

  • iti
  • October 30, 2016

Artali is the best! Will definitely be quoted as reference to part 1 in imdb. :)

1445685590 1 1477855917


November 6, 2015

80s Metal Band Names by AusFreak

Magenta Windows

The Iron Bananas

Chairs Of Valhalla

Wings of the llama

Period Riders

Hate Thy Neighbour

Death Deposit

Compound Fractures



0 comment(s)

1446782055 1 1446782055


November 8, 2015

80’s Metal Band: Some trys

(The [Bad]) AggroBats
(The) Hardtoms (like atoms [or like a british band ;)])

Maybe only for a band of geeks
(Killers of) system16
(The) /dev/null

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1447014261 1 1447014261

Olaf Skrotzki

December 29, 2015

80s Metal Band Logos

Many bands used logos that were designed to look ultra-aggressive and over the top, but that were virtually unreadable as well.


You could poke fun at that by designing a logo like that, but without any actual letters in it at all.

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1451380083 1451380083

January 22, 2016

Spinal Tap (although they *did* exist…)

I guess you know the “documentary” movie “This is Spinal Tap” – about a fictional metal band? I guess you’d probably have to obtain permission to use the name, but it would be a terrific reference to a great 80s movie and also to a fictional band that did actually perform live a few times.

Their songs (written and performed by the actors) are actually pretty good and lots of fun.

In (the unlikely) case that you don’t know the movie: IMDB

0 comment(s)

1453469877 1453469877


March 27, 2016

Mixing up Bandnames

Hmm iam thinking about mixing up 80ties bandnames

What about:

Black Motörpriest

(Black Sabbath, Motörhead, Judas Priest)


Twisted Motörmaiden

(Twisted Sister, Motörhead, Iron Maiden)


And for the logodesign you could use the old metallica or manowar logo design


In the comments somebody posted already “Kung Füry” Why not using “Kung Führy”? It would be more similar with the german “Führer”

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1459074770 1459074770


May 12, 2016


Just some ideas…

  • The Iron Preachers
    Logo: Steel monks hoody
  • Riders on Iron
    Logo: Melting Plant
  • Steel Riders
    Logo: Mustang Bars
  • I. R. O. N. (Ironic Rhymes Of Numbers)
    Logo: 0011010
  • Nori
    Logo: dwarf like figure
  • (The) Old Order
    Logo: Hooded Monks
  • T. O. R. – (The) Old Reich
    Logo : Hamer


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1463063171 1463063171


May 22, 2016

Some ideas

Hi, a few ideas:

The Skullers


Lords of the Metal

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1463896527 1463896527


July 20, 2016

\,,\(‘| ‘)/,,/

Accustic Inspirations:
Twisted Sister – Burn In Hell (Dimmu Borgir’s Versions sounds better though)
White Lion – Transformers The (Comic) Movie Theme
Ratt – Body Talk (also used in an Eddie Murphy Movie “Golden Child”)

Also inspirational for a Logo Design:
80ths Comics, see HeMan, Flash Gordon, Thundercats or similar, partly very nice Logo Design, often metallic Gradient, Outlining and similar Stuff, bold, impact Terminator-like.

Possible Names (don’t know, whether Bands exist using those):
Siege Tank
Scorched Earth
Vokuhila (vorne kurz, hinten lang)
Prime Evil
Iron Curtain
Living Dead

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1469052379 1469052379


October 14, 2016

Deep Twisted

Deep Twisted

It comes for my passion about Deep Purple and Twisted Sister!

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1476454159 1476454159


November 10, 2016

Mashups and new names

Some wording mashups:
Hit Lear
Van Hailing
Fire Straits
Depeche Nodes
Death Leopards
Flak Shop Boys
Modern Taking
SS Top
The Smashing Pumpkings
The Arier Persons Project

Some new names:
Breeders Seed
Thules of Germania
Atropin Lovers

0 comment(s)

1478776679 1478776679