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Get your Fan Premiere tickets for 25€!

Before the official release in September 2017 we will arrange special fan premieres in cinemas all around the world – and you can purchase your tickets today!

Sneak Peek and script included!

All purchases from the Ticket Store include access to Iron Sky Sneak Peek where you can see how the first minutes of the film are made and an official digital copy of the shooting script.

Start by selecting your country above and we’ll get going! You can also pre-order the film on home video.


What does the Fan Premiere events include?

We’ll have some special programming in store for you in addition to the film. But that will not be all.

When are they held?

Our intention is to hold the events in September 2017, a little before the film is released in theaters.

My country/city is not on the list, what can I do?

We recommend you Demand to see Iron Sky in your city. If we know there is an audience we will make sure there is a screening.

What if I change my mind?

We understand a lot can change in two years – that’s why these are ticket vouchers. They guarantee you a ticket to the screening you choose now, but you can use them to redeem a ticket to any of the screenings. Or alternatively another similarly priced piece of Iron Sky merchandise.

Why choose a city now?

City selection is used to measure the popularity of the screenings in different cities. That is needed to reserve enough seats for the screenings.

When will the Digital Download / DVD / Blu-ray / Steelbox be delivered?

They will be delivered approximately four months after the cinema release. You’ll be among the first ones to get the film, but due to the way distribution works delivery will always be after the film has received it’s official release in your country.

Is the Sneak Peek membership for life?

The Sneak Peek membership will last trough the production and release of Iron Sky The Coming Race.

When will the script be delivered?

The script will be delivered after the film receives it’s cinema release.