Iron Sky Sneak Peek is service we set up for those of you who wanted to help us make Iron Sky and to get an exclusive look behind the scenes of how the first five minutes of the film were made! You will support Iron Sky in a very concrete way, every euro from Iron Sky Sneak Peek goes to the makers of the film!

When you subscribe to Iron Sky Sneak peek, you get an unprecedented view on how the first five minutes of a major motion picture are made, starting from the idea, going through the script, storyboards, animatics, raw edit, visual effects and more. Over 50 minutes of exclusive behind the scenes materials as well as extras, like download of the Iron Sky prequel comic.

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Here’s how to subscribe:

  1. Select the price you’d like to pay below and submit your payment through PayPal
  2. You will receive two emails:
    • The first one contains your username and password you can use to log in
    • The second email asks you to confirm a subscription to a mailing list that we use to inform you about new interesting material. You don’t have to subscribe to get access to Iron Sky Sneak Peek, but we recommend it!
  3. Log in and have fun!
  4. You decide the price

    You decide what access to Sneak Peek is worth. You can get access for as little as 1€ with the average being 3€, or if you want to support the project you can pay more. It’s up to you.

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