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Sneak Peek Update 05: The Great Making Of Special

We're flying around the world and pre-production on Iron Sky The Coming Race is moving forward fast. Read more for the latest director's update and a new episode of Iron Sky Signal taking a look back at making the first film.


by Iron Sky — Posted in Sneak Peek

Hello Troopers!

The Iron Sky team is flying around the world, building the best film in the universe. I’m writing this in Berlin Tegel airport, about to embark on a plane en route back to Finland, while the producers have just arrived to Belgium to check the production facilities there. And Laibach is touring North Korea where they are playing two shows.

Photo: Joerund F. Pedersen
Photo from Laibach’s Facebook by Joerund F. Pedersen

As we’re getting closer to the shoot – now scheduled from 19th of October to 11th of December – things are getting clearer. As some of you might have heard, the plans on where to actually shoot the film have been under tight scrutiny from the budgeting point of view, an we finally landed a deal that makes sense for us, taking us to Antwerp, Belgium, where the whole film will be shot.

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