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Iron Sky Sneak Peek – Testlab #1: The First Promo Trailer

Welcome to the first installment of Iron Sky Sneak Peek's Testlab! We decided to expand Iron Sky Sneak Peek and use it as a test laboratory for some of the materials we are currently working on, as well as following how the first minutes of the movie are being built. This is a way for you to see what we are working on and comment it.


by Iron Sky — Posted in Sneak Peek

Welcome to the first installment of Iron Sky Sneak Peek’s Testlab! We decided to expand Iron Sky Sneak Peek and use it as a test laboratory for some of the materials we are currently working on, as well as following how the first five minutes of the movie are being built. This is a way for you to get to see what we are working on, and also to comment it, maybe making your mark on the finished material!

On the first installment of Testlab you will get to see our first promotional trailer, which we are preparing for this year’s Cannes International Film Festival. The following promo trailer is still work in progress and we made it to showcase our live action. The trailer is still missing about 50% of the materials, most notably all the CGI.

So, here’s your chance to give your comments, and to see what we were up to with the actors in Germany and Australia!

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Comments: 109

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109 Responses to Iron Sky Sneak Peek – Testlab #1: The First Promo Trailer

  1. admin says:

    Comments are now open! Let us know what you think.

  2. WillyPeckers says:

    haha… really crazy and funny as hell, but is there any story in the movie except nazis from the moon coming to the earth and some sick commando fights the galactic krauts? so what.. it will be a dull but hilarious extravaganza.. 😀

  3. This is even more awesome than I imagined, and I imagined it pretty awesome! Now I can’t wait! Argh!

  4. says:


  5. says:

    well it seems like the story will be bullshit, but I think I will enjoy it anyway.
    Hope it will be funny

  6. says:

    Yes, this looks good. Its just crazy enough without getting Too silly.
    All the stereotypes work very well, the ‘I do anything to get re-elected’ cocky american president, the jive-talking black guy, the evil female Ilsa-like nazi. Lots of bad puns and Udo Kier (!).
    Only thing missing is the “small step for mankind, big step for the fatherland” in german from the very first trailer. That added a very humorous politically incorrect tone and was absolutely brilliant.

  7. Murk Loar says:

    The talk about it being more comedy over action/sci fi had me worried at first,but seeing this has put my mind at ease a little. Looks awesome so far, I’m excited
    (but please,make the gunshots sound more meaty)

    Can’t wait to see more!

    I promise you will have worldwide success with this piece of work! And Timo, you’ll shoot your next movie with a budget at least ten times bigger!

    I hope you’ll get some big distribution deals (especially for switzerland)!

    Cheers and enjoy the nights in the editing room! 😉

  9. says:

    I loved the B-Movie trailer feel of the whole things. Nice work.

  10. BEFKING says:

    It looks good. But i think the focus is too much on the funny part. I liked the first 2 teasers better. They looked much more serious with a funny twist at the end.

  11. says:

    Maybe not what I had expected since I had expected it more to be a dark thrillery war movie kind of movie. But I’m not disappointed, far from, I still like what I see, but in a completely different way.

    Damn this is going to be great!


  12. says:

    I looks really really great. I like the narrator voice and the writing.

    May I ask what kind of CGI material is missing? Will there be awesome space/air battles like in Star Wreck?

    Some suggestion for the trailer:

    – Maybe one scene (where he actually says something) with Udo Kier since he is a recognizable actor

    -In the end there are a lot of New York scenes. I usually find it disappointing if I can identify the same location several times in a trailer with fast cuts.

    Just some comments. All in all it’s really awesome. Love the scene with the children…

  13. says:

    I’d prefer a more serious thing but that looks good actually 🙂

  14. jtjt says:

    *I miss the iconic “…Vaterland” quote as well and I wish the entire first half of the trailer would be more ominous and deadpan.

    *The rock song makes me kinda feel like I’m watching a mountain dew commercial or some generic Hollywood action/comedy trailer.

    *I absolutely love the trailer voice guy with his over-the-top cheesy taglines and puns. I have trouble understanding these lines though… anyone?
    0:51 Golden voice: ??? with a male model.
    1:07 Klaus Adler: ??? ??? her later.

    *The British diplomat and the flailing reporter piss me off… bad acting and not in a good way. I love all the other characters, especially Doktor Richter! I assume he is a very minor character, but he looks so awesome and deserves more than a 10 frame flash in the trailer.

    *The sets and costumes look fucking amazing!!! CGI-wise I wish we got a glimpse of a nazi space zeppelin or something equally epic.

  15. First; thanks a bunch for great comments!

    Just to describe the overall tone of the film – this trailer dwells definitely in the lightest and most comedic end of the film, whereas we also have the look, feel & atmosphere of the first two teasers in other parts of the film. To get the general picture of where we’re aiming at, you’ll find both ends from the film, and the general tone is somewhere in between. Hard to explain, since we’re hoping to avoid being easily defined 🙂

    CGI material missing is actually mostly in the hand of CG team; for the trailer, we’re not going to spoil the space battles.

    Good point about Udo. We might cook that up!

  16. Dr. Richter is actually quite a big character, you’ll get to see him a lot!

  17. Chris G. says:

    Different than expected from the first 5 minutes and the teasers … more comedy (kind of “The Naked Gun”) than dark sci-fi. I’m not sure, I need to watch it another time …

  18. says:

    First i have to say, i can’t wait to see the final movie!!!

    I really liked the dark mood of the two teasers which gave me goose bumps at the first sight.

    The trailer now is the total opposite of it, its packed with the comedy site, but of course also very, very good!!!

    For me, i like both, but i think it could be a little bit confusing or disturbing to the people who don’t know about the movie or are not that much informed about the plot.
    When they see the more ‘serious’ and dark teasers the exspectations about the movie could be more different when they got overwhelmed with the packed funny trailer. It seems that the teasers and the trailer are ‘propaganda’ of two different movies because of the mood they create.
    A good mixture of both, the dark and the funny side would be the best.

    But again: I really like what you guys did so far and i can’t wait to see the finished movie!!!

    You guys rock!!! 🙂

  19. DreamingVoid says:

    After seeing the trailer I’m pretty sure that I made a mistake in investing in the film. I should have invested a lot more!
    The “We come in Peace” scene has the potential to make film history as a perfect teaser. I also like the scenes with the “president”. They are not only funny but perfect in rising interest in the movie.

    Brilliant work guys!

    P.S.: Why don’t I find any of you on Xing to connect?

  20. admin says:

    DreamingVoid: We’re mostly on the Linkedin side of the business networks.

  21. says:

    Tykkäsin todella monesta asiasta. Alusta alkaen tuli selväksi, että kyseessä on elokuva, jota on tehty pilke silmäkulmassa. Ensimmäiset lähikuvat presidentistä ja siitä toisesta naishenkilöstä tuntuivat kuitenkin jotenkin latteilta, alun huiman CGI-tykityksen jälkeen. Kuvat nauravasta yleisöstä toimivat kuitenkin hienosti, – se rusettimies oli jopa loistava!

    Pidin myös hahmojen esittelyruuduista, ne sopivat hyvin tähän trailerin B-elokuvamaiseen tyyliin. Pieni dialogipätkä 1.22 kohdalla oli hyvä muutos tempoon, mutta ei mitenkään erityisen hauska, elokuvan muusta kontekstista irrallisena. Tähän haluaisin jotain aidosti hauskaa dialogipätkää, joka toimisi myös muusta elokuvasta irrallisena.

    Trailerin loppuun olisi kaivannut jonkinlaista cliffhangeria. Mulla ainakin tunnelma latistui pahasti 1.53 kohdalla, musiikin muuttuessa jotenkin tylsän itseään toistavaksi. Tekstien ja koko pätkää dominoivan selostajaäänen tilalle siinä vaiheessa olisin halunnut jotain tajunnanräjäyttävää kuvamateriaalia ja kylmät väreet nostattavaa musaa! En myöskään pitänyt tosta ensimmäisestä trailerista tutusta logografiikasta, nyt kun sen näki kuvatun materiaalin kanssa yhdessä. Pienenä yksityiskohtana oli myös häiritsevää, kuinka tietyt tekstit hyppäsivät “ulos kuvasta”.

    Kokonaisuutena pätkästä jäi ehkä vähän tunkkainen maku: olisi toivonut enemmän laajoja ulkokuvia ja tilaa hengittää. Nyt mentiin koko matka sellaisella vauhdilla, että mikään yksittäinen osa tai kuva elokuvasta ei jäänyt ensimmäisen katselukerran jälkeen mitenkään erityisenä mieleen. Ymmärrän kyllä valitun tyylin, mutta se ei tässä pätkässä kantanut ihan loppuun asti. Uskon, että varsinkin trailerin loppupäätä tuunaamalla, lisäämällä sinne sen toivotun nostatuksen, tästä tulee ihan huikea!

    Joel Tainio

  22. says:

    Looks great! (I’d already seen it a few weeks ago)

    But this is actually a sales trailer for the EFM, but is it also suitable as a trailer for the ‘outsiders-audience’? Those who just happen to click on it on YouTube or a blog.
    The cheesy voice-over and the ”Foxy Fraulein” stuff… Don’t know if it will sell the film to an average movie watcher who isn’t in any way familiar with anything ”fantastic”
    Those things I just mentioned are a bit grindhouse-like and distributors and movie-geeks know that… But others?

  23. says:

    I got very much impression of Hollywood teenage (~Superbad, Superhero movie) comedy combined to a almost pre-laughed Austin Powers. I really hope movie itself isn’t underlining it’s a comedy like it seemed from the trailer, personally I wouldn’t even go to watch this one at the big screen by what I saw now.

    Funny tho, I found the usage of narrator (especially “funny” narrator usage) to be biggest problem for the trailer while most of positive feedback seems to love that approach.

  24. Chris G. says:

    Even watched twice, the trailor standalone is quite nice if it would be the first publication of Iron Sky, but I actually don’t like the new all comedy attitude and I’m not sure whether it works that way as I suppose most of the fans do expect something different, more dry like the almost perfect “weekend on moon” sequence.

    Some more specific comments:

    – rework the first part to have “real”, movie-like CGI … looks more professional then
    – include the line “a small step … vaterland” (pause the pace, no music over)
    – give Udo Kier a remarkable line
    – why at the end “join the *fight*” and not “join the *war*” as in the web campaign?
    – the nazi troopers in the short action sequences look ..uhh.. a little bit like “Dark Helmet” of Spaceballs??
    – I don’t think that “foxy fraulein” and “crazy kraut” would attract people from outside GB-influenced countries

  25. says:

    There are a few shots in this trailer that seem like spoilers. I know the girl was supposed to be a Nazi at some point in the movie, but throughout most of the trailer she’s seems to be against the other Nazis. There’s even a shot where the guy says he’s going to have to kill her. That, and the shots of the newly-white astronaut seem like they give too much of the plot away.

  26. Joona-Matias says:


  27. says:

    This is looking even better than I thought it was going to be.

    I hope the humour hits the marks, as that’s what’s going to make or break the film, but the leads look like they can carry it off.

    Plus the actual visual look of the film is really nice, really nice.


  28. says:

    Guys, once again, thank for the awesome work you are doing! The trailer preview really rocks! The visual looks of it rocks, the idea rocks, actors rock, you rock! 🙂 I love everything about this trailer, except for sound is yet a bit messy in several places.

    P.S. “We come in peace” lol )))

  29. says:

    I keep bursting into laughter every time I watch the trailer, so comedy does work. Without final CGI and those horrid text renders it feels really b-moviesh, also all action is cut into the trailer very quickly (to hide all wires etc?)

    But for some reason there is one word that keeps echoing in my head everytime I see this: “Uwe Boll”. I wonder why?

  30. says:

    Wow! Different what I expected, but diffent in a very positive way. The trailer gave me a bit of a Rodriques/Tarantino feel with a b-movie touch (b-movie in a good way).

  31. says:

    No edit button, damn…

  32. aaaamazing 😉 yes a bit of grindhouse fealling in there! I like it… keep going.

  33. says:

    Simply awesome. Quite a leap from Star Wreck I. 😉

  34. says:

    Pääosin aivan megamahtavan näköistä tavaraa! Musa ja rytmi toimii, ainakin pääosin.

    Jäin itsekin kaipaamaan Udo Kieriä enemmän. Nyt näkyi vain muutama lyhyt välähdys. Lisäksi alun naururemakka tuntuu aivan liian pitkältä, kun tunnelmaa on kurottu jo aivan trailerin alkumetreistä lähtien. Jotenkin… nolostuttava ja vaivaannuttava hetki.

    Loppuun kaipaisi hieman lisää selkeyttä, nyt on vähän liian nopeeta rymistelyä loppuun asti välissä tulevan tauon jälkeen. Jotain, joka näyttäisi hieman enemmän tapahtumaa eikä alta sekunnin kestäviä leikkauksia peräjälkeen, jossa ei enää pysy perässä.

    Mutta poijjaat! Aivan mahtava meininki! Tajuttoman hyvä mieli jäi kun tämän katsoi. Musiikki toimii ja tunnelma on kohdillaan. Pientä viilausta rytmissä paikoin olisi kuitenkin mielestäni paikoillaan.

    Hienoa. Ootte kyllä mahtavia. Koko sakki.

  35. sample-d says:

    Boooooom…. brilliant !

    I appreciate that you don’t spoil the big scenes (even they are not ready yet ?!) but interrupt the short story snippets with stroboscopic image – flashes, like a moon nazi firing it’s gun for a fraction of a second…
    The trailer does not have this deep impact on me as the 2nd teaser, because the iron sky and laibach tunes create such great feelings, but I think it is perfect (when it’s finished in this form) for the big crowd, press and media. all thumbs up…

  36. says:


    My 2cents: Sarah Palin got a bit old by now. I would keep the president completely out of the trailers. Because there have been so many Palin skits, everything where a caricature of her appears in automatically feels like it’s about her (“Sarah Palin and the Moon Nazis”). People might loose interest. But just hitting them with it in the move would be great.

    He says “male model” three or four times, it feels like there’s supposed to be a joke there, but I don’t get it… they’re not /that/ exotic, are they?

  37. says:

    It’s Jenna Bush, not Sarah Palin. (but yes, she deliberately looks like her)

  38. says:

    Looks really awesome! You can see it’s still a work in progress, though – some parts seem a little cheesy, i.e the “who are these guys anyway?” -scene. I’d alter it a bit.

    Otherwise, looks great and promising. Looking forward to further developments 🙂

  39. It is looking greater than I ever thought!!!
    I can´t wait for see this film in the cinema!

    I´m so impressed… great!

  40. rakorea says:

    I’m not sure why, but somehow all the scenes with the president look ugly – but I’m sure that is just the generic lack of final image processing at this stage.

    I love the classroom shots and the rhythm seems right, but
    I think that maybe the soundtrack could something other than your average garage teenage rock band.

    I am looking forward to seeing what the trailer is going to be like when it’s a little bit more fleshed out.

  41. says:

    Vähemmän on enemmän. Nyt on turhan paljon hauskuuden alleviivausta ja nopeita leikkauksia. Selostajan ääni saisi kajahtaa pykälän verran alempaa ja jykevämmin. Silleesti että munissa tutisee. Aistin tässä Tarantinon hengen läsnäolon. Ihan helv..viihdyttävä leffa tulossa. Maskula antaa tällä tähtiä. Looks nice and promising. Keep on going you nazi peace of…

  42. P1r says:

    Brilliant. Like some earlier commenters, I’ve been a bit worried that this was going to get _too_ Naked Gun-ish, but that’s all forgotten now. This is going to be even better than I thought possible. Footage looks just as promising as the earlier CGI trailers did. The nazi children in perfect unison was a scary and lovely touch, keep up the great work!

  43. There is one thing I would change, though. Right after “the Krazy Krout” is introduced with his title screen, he says something and turns away. I feel it cuts away too fast. It feels like there is something more to it. Like cutting a dialogue before a proper sentence is completed.

  44. says:

    I still like the first one more – but if i would have to do the job of thinking about a 2nd trailer … hmm this one is tasty – but feed me more … pls 🙂

    PS: I hate using papyal for the store – but i guess i have to use it … *grml*

  45. admin says:

    Other systems of international payments aren’t as common as paypal & credit cards. They european bank giros should work europe wide from the bank end, but then there’s the store side and keeping track of orders.

  46. says:

    Hi admin,
    i am really impressed – that was fast!
    Sorry for commenting the payment options here – i just use paypal (so what, that´s ok for me) and i will love my pencil, t-shirt, suprise things and “Against Nazis from the moon” bandage (hehe that one is funny).

    But in respect of this forum i feel like i have to post a more detailed comment on this Promo Trailer.

    I love the fist trailer for its romantic touch which gets some kind of inner sexyness due to longer scenes mixed with a focus of “the peek moment” more to the end of the trailer – and this lovely soundtrack 🙂

    Whatching this promo trailer … well it fells more like a cut sequence of multible “peek moments”. Since i am not used to write in english … this should be understood as a positiv character.

    There where 2 trailers which popt up in my mind wathing: (roland merich 2012 70´s fake trailer) – fot the funny moments (machete) for the voice and music.

    I don´t know why this 2 popt up – it just happend.

    The scenes which tell me more about the storyline and the persons filling the characters get a nice drill together with cuts/musik/voice/blending in slogans (“this war on terror” lol) and the way the actors behave due to the situations.

    I was wondering how the plot would be at the moment “some officials” get the idea of nazis backing from the moon. Ok – they sit in a round and laugh ^^ nice one

    If you plan to do more trailer/promo videos keep playing with stiles and put the eye, the ear and the inner expection of the audience always in a new perspective.

    From my point of view that´s for todays standards unconventional – and i like it very much…. but i am still more the romantic type i guess and prefere the first trailer after all.

  47. constantin says:

    This is awesom, thank you so much!

    And what a brilliant move it was to get “The Voice” and let him do all those cheap pun phrases, hilarious!

    As a German, it is a little bit disturbing to see a bunch of kids scream “Sieg Heil!” and it doesn’t quite fit the otherwise light-hearted rest of the trailer. Maybe I’m too culturally biased, but perhaps the (awesome) “We come in peace” scene is enough?

    Anyway, I can’t wait to see the final version of the trailer, please make it downloadable in HD so I can enjoy it in its full beauty until the final movie is done…

    Thanks, and keep up the great work,

  48. Chris G. says:

    Can’t stop watching and analyzing. 😉 I need some translation help. What does “has all the REICH moves” mean? Also I don’t understand the phrase “the battle for earth is gonna get NAZI”?

  49. says:

    Just a pun with ”the right moves” and ”Das Dritte Reich”

    The latter:
    It’s common in English to say ”it’s gonna get …”, like ”it’s gonna get messy”. So pun again, just being creative with language.

    You’re not a native English speaker, I suppose. (I neither, but I always look up idioms when I come across something I don’t know, even in my native language, Dutch)

  50. says:

    Oh you guys are putting a foot in it! very proud

  51. says:

    I had to say, the presidents ears look terribly red. Are the earrings too big for her ears? =O

  52. Chris G. says:

    @Jaap: Right (I’m German) and thanks for the explanation. My 2nd thought was “nazi” =nasty, this would make some sense. “reich” for “right ” – ok, sounds similar, that’s all.

  53. says:

    Well…. Your suggestion “nazi” =nasty is a very good one!
    But again it’s a pun/joke, so whether the battle is gonna get nasty, messy or whatever, it’s definitely gonna get ”Nazi”, no doubt about that! 😉

  54. says:

    Lets break things first with unconstructive comments…

    So, how does. lets say, world most renowned dark comedy trailer look like? This:

    Then how about latest award-winning nazi themed war/adventure movie with comedy elements? This and this

    Ok, so how about some generic hollywood action piece with nice humor included? This:

    And the difference between the first two and the last is clear. Die Hard 4 is a good movie, but the Dr. Strangelove and Inglorious bastards are in their own universe. And to get there would require a bit more than a bunch of fast scenes with funny quotes. Sure the Iron Sky is of course a lot more than just a bunch of fast scenes, but the first official trailer is the piece that sets the stage for the grand audience. Don’t screw that up.

    Now after being a troll with a drum, lets get constructive…

    I strongly suggest that you start over with writing the script for your trailer. Think about what you want to tell your audience about your film. Use puns and jokes carefully to bring forth the dark comedy part. Try to use the whole concept of “Nazis from the moon” as absurd but still true thing, without going “pfft— I CAN’T TAKE IT lolololol” at the very start of the trailer… Seriously Samuli can provide you some quality fart humor that is more entertaining.

    And most importantly try to get it to be more clear and comprehensive. Add in a cliffhanger that definitely makes you want to see the film. And cut out Sarah Palin or the President from the trailer. You should not try to introduce your every character, but rather the ones that can provide “good fibrations” for the audience. Just left something for the movie.

    The positive part of the current work-in-process trailer are the moonjugend kids and Foxy Fraulain… but I totally agree with others that her personal development should not be revealed, unless the whole trailer is built from the perspective or her character.

  55. says:

    Nazi = Nuts?

  56. says:

    I’d like to see the trailer start more peacefully. (just like the 2 teasers) Towards the end It would then get more action and with faster tempo. The Trailer would then end with a massive climax and everyone would be amazed and enthusiastic about the film! Hollywood uses the “from peace to action” -pattern constantly in numerous trailers. Why? Becouse it works! 😀

    The material in the trailer was good and very enjoyable. Actually the only part of this promo-trailer which I didn’t like at all was the impressive and beautiful scene of dozens of nazi spacecrafts ruined with gigantic text “the battle for earth…” and horrific guitar-sounds. In the first teaser, the exactly same scene is much much better. I really think that it works well without any text at all.

    But hey! The movie looks great! Good work guys!
    Tätä niiin mennään katsomaan koko kaveripiirin kera heti ku valmistuu!

  57. Chris G. says:

    @jaap, maybe I’m not made for that kind of jokes – I don’t think the trailer needs those to be funny puns. The scenes should speak for itselves.

    @wyrmiyu, well analyzed.

    … I really appreciate reviewing unfinshed things. Thanks for having the courage to post this rough diamond.

  58. says:

    The trailer looks awesome but I agree with lauri.savonen. Gaining tempo and action while the trailer progresses would make it “feel” better. The story is perfect for that!

    But anyway, I will assimilate every little piece I can get until I can watch on the big screen, hopefully here in Munich! Keep going guys!

  59. Adren says:

    I agree with Lauri, the guitar song is not good in the background and the trailer is not very structured, the first two trailers were better ones.

    Otherwise the film material nad scenes are very nice!

  60. reinoud says:

    I really liked the feel and pace of the original 2 trailers. Especially the soundtrack. It had a nice brooding & building feel to it.

    The current trailer seems to be more machete-style – a barrage of scenes with pumped-up music. But not much structure. Personally I prefer the earlier style, but perhaps I’m just getting old and might not be the target audience for this movie (which seems to be aimed at 16-24 year olds)

    In any case, keep up the good work – very curious what the final product will look like!


  61. Quix0r says:

    I can mostly underline reinoud’s comment #60. Okay, that background-speaker might not be my type even after a 2nd watch of it.

    But still I like it and cannot wait for the final version. 🙂

  62. Jukka says:

    Näyttää ihan Hollywood-leffalta, mutta toi musiikki ei jotenkin sovi tohon. Musiikki tekee tunnelman. Huonolla musiikilla on helppo ryssiä koko leffa.

    Mutta kokonaisuus näyttää hyvältä. Kyllä tästä tulee hyvä leffa.

  63. says:

    Go President Palin, go! (oh, sorry… a little carried away here… back to my meds.)

  64. says:

    I can’t wait to see the finished movie…

  65. Adren says:

    Comment #54 is excellent, the trailer is a critical selling point in the movie and it needs same detail to scripting as the movie itself.

    First impression can really make or break a film!

    Love the material and the movie is great, would hate to have presentation take away the shine of it!

  66. VAA says:

    As so many others, I cannot wait for the whole movie.
    Although I DO have a question about the Swastika sign.

    There are two kinds of Swastikas in the film. One turning clockwise and one turning counterclockwise.
    I suppose you will correct it?

    Keep on with the good work!

  67. Ahneman says:

    I think that the Rock-guitar music fits the traler mostly well. The only exeption is the very end, where instead of good guitar riffs, there is a very bad solo.. guitar torture I say.

  68. says:

    + Looks really cool and funny.
    + Julia Dietze
    + Concept still feels interesting.
    – Weapons are sounding kind of a lame, not saying Kick-Butt at all. I would recommend directors and editors to check out the movie “Heat (1995)” to hear what guns should sound like.

  69. says:

    The trailer left me impression that it’s been done a bit hastly, series of fast cuts and music (not bad in general) doesn’t really fit in. Or maybe the guitar music could morph into something else at the end?

    As being said earlier here on some comment, maybe you guys are revealing a bit too much? Sometimes less is more.
    And that cliffhanger at the end would be good idea too. Hero/Heroine in distress?

    Get Reich Or Die Trying! 😉

  70. says:

    Can’t wait to see, the finished film, looks awesome..well done, folks..

  71. says:

    I didn’t really like this trailer. It’s missing the ‘epic factor’ that I saw in the first two teasers.

    Hopefully there will be more of that in the final production. Needs moar wartime German music.

  72. says:

    I dunno which is scarier. Nazis from the moon or Palin as a president…


    The latter.

    PLEASE tell me this is an april fool.

  73. says:

    Er, VAA. The thing about the swastika “wrong way” has been discussed over and over again. The one you see on the nazi astronaut’s (nazinaut?) helmet visor is a reflection, and thus a mirror image.

    Moreover, the swastika on a nazi flag is either clockwise or counterclockwise depending from which side of the flag you are looking at. For example, the blue cross of the Finnish flag points either left or right depending from which side you’re looking at it. Same goes for the US flag, or ANY flag that is horizontally asymmetric.

    As for the trailer itself, now that I have recovered from the shock of Palin as the US prez (I guess it takes a nazi to beat a nazi), the guys were clearly having a bit of fun doing this tongue in cheek, Picking intentionally some of the most low brow scenes – cheesy narrator included. Comedy of a comedy, so to speak. I guess that makes it a metacomedy.

    I am still fairly confident it will also have the darker, more dramatic and sinister side familiar from the first trailers. So I haven’t lost my faith yet.

  74. says:

    Post #54 sums my thoughts almost exactly. I was honestly quite disappointed by the trailer and I can’t see myself liking it in current form even when finished without major changes to pacing. I liked the moon jugend scenes and the laugh scene. Rest of president scenes were less impressive. The trailer also had too many charachters in quick cuts and the few longer cuts revelead too much about “Foxy Fraulein”.

  75. Chris G. says:

    I just saw the adv pictures on INTERACTOR. Especially the 2nd (new) shoot with Klaus in nazi moon suit and some unsmiling officer in the back is very very nice and transports exactly what I expect from the movie – a “pitch black sci-fi comedy” – but in the trailer all the scary part is gone – except the “come in peace” and “sieg heil” scenes, but cut in between the loughs and jokes does not unfold the groundbreaking effect.

  76. says:

    Great work – love you guys! 🙂

    My first impression was that the pace was a bit too fast especially in the beginning. The lady president around 0:45 also felt somehow out of place, and I actually thought she was commenting about MAKING the trailer rather than being part of it!

    As for the trailer’s editing style, the Quentin Tarantino / Grindhouse / Machete / Inglourious Basterds tongue-in-cheek approach is somewhat stylish, but to my taste too familiar and generic… I would really love to see your OWN UNIQUE way to present the movie instead of the generic “Hollywood high-quality B-style.” (Then, of course, if the Grindhouse style sells more, it sells…)

    For example, how about replacing the generic (while OK) trailer voice with a bit slower, scary german scientistic accent… “In 1945 the Nazis went to the Moon… In 2018… WE are coming back!!!”, then UFOs flying from the Swastika base, and/or attacking earth, and explosions… With the german accent that could be VERY scary while funny. So the trailer story would be told by a NAZI instead of a german Hollywood voice. Leaves you wonder who will win in 2018…

  77. says:

    Just to add to my previous comment, having a NAZI “scientistic” trailer guy voice could also work interestingly with the original very nice radio chatter: “this is a small step for the mankind, but grosse step for das fatherland”!

    Just my five cents… Thanks for the great work – looking SO MUCH for more! 🙂

  78. says:

    Agree on the narrator being one of them, would be way better.

  79. Los Jorgos says:

    The narrator sounds exactly like the one of Starship Troopers.

    For my personal taste it sounds to cheesy and I agree with many others on the music choice for the trailer. It doesnt seem to fit in.

    The president is a take on mrs. palin i assume. the set doesnt really look presidential. i dont buy it ! sorry

    If you find a distributor you will have to agree to a lot of influence on the trailer in order to achieve commercial success. at the end you want as many people to see your work !

    I just hope it will not influence your movie making. I trust in you. What i have seen so far looks very impressive. Stay true to yourself and do something we havent seen before ! thumbs up

    Just dont make it too silly !!!!

  80. says:

    Tämän on sanottu täällä jo varmaan puolitusinaa kertaa mutta sanonpa vielä kerran että tuo kitaramusiikki, ja etenkin se lopun soolo, eivät oikein tunnu sopivilta. Kyseinen musiikki ei saanut aikaan sellaista eeppistä fiilistä, kuten kaksi aikaisempaa teaseria, ja toi lähinnä mieleen jonkin kepeän b-luokan hupailukomedian, eikä vakavastiotettavan mustanhuumorin scifikomedian.

    Jäin kaipaamaan ykkösteaserin lausahdusta: “pieni askel ihmiskunnalle, suuri askel isänmaallemme.” Ja näkisin sen mieluusti tässäkin trailerissa, sillä se sopisi hyvin yhteen mm.”we come in peace” kohdan kanssa.

    Tuota presidentin osuutta trailerissa voisi mielestäni vähentää hieman, presidentti korostuu mielestäni liikaa. Myös alun naurukohtausta voisi hieman lyhentää.

    Mutta mutta…. Kaikenkaikkiaan traileri vaikuttaa oikein hyvältä ja pienillä viilauksilla siitä tulee varmasti oikein hyvä. Odotan innolla lopullisen version näkemistä, itse elokuvasta puhumattakaan.
    Hienoa Työtä!

  81. Ahneman says:

    Plz, enlighten me; Am I the only one here who thought from the beginning that this film would be a (dark)Comedy of some sort? I’m not waiting only a scary and serious nazi-movie (Even though there will be some serious and scary parts also, if I’m correct)

    Ok, enough the troll and to the point: I think that there is not too much Comedy in the trailer. I like it funny. I hope that the movie is going to be funny too, so a too dark-lightened trailer would be… well.. cheating the audience 😀

  82. says:

    Well, in the Finnish sense of humour “darkness” makes it more humourous. You gotta be epically shit scared of nazis actually coming from the moon to kill (or enslave) us all. And that means the epic deadpan tone of the first teasers.

    In other words, only after you are scared shitless (although silently snickering), it is time for the comic relief. Evil Dead is a good example of this.

    But again, I am not saying the trailer/teaser is bad. I was just a bit disappointed it went to the slapstick side instead of “oh fuck, there are nazis on the moon and this is bad (but funny) shit!”. It is like nazis ans sarahpalins having a pie fight instead of menacing, if you know what I mean.

    But anyways, keep up the good work, guys.

  83. says:

    My thoughts about the trailer:

    – The moonjugend children were amazing

    – I didn’t like the president scenes at all so maybe the president could be showed only once or twice in the trailer.

    – The whole concept was quite messy. I liked the first two teasers, their music and dark humour. This trailer was made in a B-movie style but the incoherence truly made the movie look trifling.

    My suggestions:

    The first 50 seconds were OK, however, I didn’t like president scene and it screwed up the ambiance a little. Fortunately, the nazi school scene was PERFECT!!

    The character presentation at 0.50-1.20 was pretty well made but somehow trifling.

    The peaceful scene at 1.20-1.34 was a good break for the audience but then from 1.40 till 1.48 was totally messy and repetitive wanna-be-climax, which it wasn’t.

    I suggest you first to show up the audience a little about how the Moon is found and then how the things there works. (For example, the moonjugend scene could be included which btw was the best thing in the trailer as a whole)

    Then tell about the relationship between the James Washington and Renate richter, becase this trailer already told about their hassles but in a confused way.

    Then I wish you to show some epic scene when Nazis are attacking to the Earth, and then in fast flashes how the war and terror spreads in the cities.

    I hope a chronological line in the trailer, not too revealing but still somehow clear and functioning complex.

    I don’t want this trailer to represent the movie as a brainless crazy comedy because I believe it’s a lot more. This trailer won’t capture the audience, it’s still too messy.

    I hope you take this backup constructively.

    PS. Julia Dietze is just doing perfectly in the movie, all the scenes just turned out to be so great when she was at the scene.

  84. says:



  85. says:

    Maybe they were thinking trolling eedjits are not a big enough audience to give a fuck about.

  86. says:

    Interesting social/political commentary there in the white house
    scene, I am looking forward to seeing the film.

  87. says:

    Too much of a over the top comedy (aka Naked Gun) for my taste, I’m afraid. I *really* liked the first teasers, but this looks… I dunno. I’m a bit disappointed.

  88. says:

    I didn’t like the style of this trailer so much. In my opinion first two teasers were a lot better.

    This trailer had too much hollywood style in it and I kind of hoped this movie would stand out of the crowd being different, now it just looks like an average hollywood action film about the nazis.

    I really hope the actual movie will prove me wrong and I hope it will be enjoyable to watch. I believe it will be a good movie, but I must admit seeing this trailer lowered my hype a lot.

    I agree about the tempo part people were talking about earlier. First two teasers started out slowly and had so much more artistic feel in them, it was really nice, but this trailer was just action. Also dialogue part at 1:22 was nice, it showed us more about the actual movie.

    It’s nice to see quality movies being done by us Finns. I hope this one will be a great success. I definitely go watch this in theater when it’s done.

  89. says:

    I just can’t wait to see this!!!!! It has all the reich stuff indeed.

  90. mangcobi says:

    I’m still not so sure about the silvery font used for 2018 and so on. In my opinion it just doesn’t blend in well with the movie. But still can’t wait for release date 😀

  91. werewolves says:

    I have to admit that when I first watched the trailer, I hated it. I have been so very excited about this movie, and *loved* the first two trailers, but I was quite disappointed with this. Too slapstick.

    But then I read the some of the comments here, and started to think of it in “Grindhouse” terms. Now I get that you are trying to go for that B-movie retro thing. I watched it a few more times with that in mind, and I actually found it pretty cute and enjoyable.

    Unfortunately, I have to agree with post 76. That retro / ironic feel has been done. I would have rather seen something entirely original, like the first trailer. That one made me sit up and say “wow, this is going to be truly different.” This one makes me say “looks funny, with an original take, but meh.”

    I also agree that the “flipped” perspective suggested in post 76 would be amazing.

    but, if I were going to remake *this* trailer, I would suggest:

    It begins great.

    When you get to “THEY’RE COMING BACK”, I would do “THEY’RE” cut to Moon Nazi ships, “COMING” more Moon Nazis, “BACK” more Moon Nazis! Better build up.

    Get rid of the president and the U.N., don’t like either scene.

    Loose “The President” introduction and maybe introduce Udo Kier, or the Doctor? I don’t know, I guess I’m just Palin joked out… Plus when you do see Palin say “Oh shit, this just keeps getting better and better”, you’re like “hey, was that Palin? that’s funny”.

    I get that you’re trying to do a pun with “is gonna get Nazi”, but it just doesn’t work for me. I keep wondering what the heck that even means. Again, I get what you are trying for, but for me, it doesn’t work.

    Franky, if you just said “IS GONNA GET MESSY” and cut to the bird pooping, that works. Bird poop, messy, makes sense.

    Anyway, hopefully that wasn’t too harsh, and I have total faith that this will be an epic movie.

  92. says:

    I feel betrayed. I gave money because i saw the dark teaser. It had a millitary style. It was dynamic. What is this “comedy”? You people had the chance to create a unique movie with a unique plot and u totally blew it.

  93. Binding says:

    The first trailers were just cool and had a very special form of “dark” humour. And they also had a very special form of atmosphere which I cannot describe otherwise than “strongly filled up with cult potential”. I loved the first trailers at first sight for the ideas and concepts behind them. After seeing them, I expected an ironic b-movie with an arthouse attitude. In other words: It looked very smart and felt absolutely right.

    The new trailer is completely different and carrying a more slapstick-like and childish form of humour. I really hope that this only is another aspect of the movie and not the whole thing because if it was so it would destroy all coolness and the cult potential of the project. Yes, it’s still ironic and partly convincing, but the effect of this trailer is no more comparable with the expectations you might have had by watching the first trailers. In other words: It looks not so smart and feels not so right anymore. Especially the scenes with the female president don’t work and don’t come straight enough to the point, and the guitar music makes it all too exchangeable. Maybe you can sell it better this way. But I’m really not sure if it’s the right way. Let me maybe say this: Please don’t party that much and loud, otherwise you could wake up with a bad hangover.

  94. says:

    I’m sorry, this “reich stuff” didn’t work on me. This is the first disappointment for me in the Iron Sky production, though I’ve been following the development of the film all the way from the first “rautataivas” concepts. This is my first ever posting, since I feel I have to react and yell “STOP!”

    I totally agree with #93 and everyone else criticising the slapstick and cheap jokes form. I really hope that this is just a test for fans’ reactions and you’re going to listen what we have to say about it. Otherwise I’m sorry about the road you’ve taken, the first two trailers were epic and they show the movie I was looking forward to see in theater. I hope all the best for the film, but this seems like a wrong turn. I don’t want a generic space nazi fart humour, but an ambitious, dynamic, dark comedy that doesn’t have to underline it’s _funny_.
    Enough said.

  95. admin says:

    Just wanted to say that we’ve been a bit silent here, but we’ve read your comments and they have been very helpful. Thank you!

    One of the interesting things we’ve learned is that people we’ve shown the promo in real life tend to react differently than people who’ve seen it online. Seems being part of a live audience changes the way people perceive the mood.

    tl;td: Great comments, helped us a lot. Will use you guys as a test audience in the future as well. Thanks!

  96. says:

    I don’t mind the comedy aspects, as long as they are of the Philip K. Dick and Harry Harrison kind. The film looks promising. I have nothing to say what hasn’t already been said about the trailer, but I would like to also point out, that a more Kubricky touch than Hollywoody would be better.

  97. says:

    I feel kinda cheated that I paid for a sneak peak but the video’s been taken down.

  98. says:

    I just paid for the first five minutes. Where are they? Just show the film or give me my money back!

  99. says:

    “See how the first 5 minutes of Iron Sky are made”

    That’s what is written about the Iron Sky sneak peek on the front page

    And this the more accurate description about the sneak peek.

    “Iron Sky Sneak Peek offers you exclusive look at the first minutes of the film. You’ll get to follow the production from writing the first scene to storyboards, animatics and to the final film.”

    The sneak peek already offers us the script, some early animatics and looks at the shooting scenes. And they’re all about the first five minutes of the film despite the trailer and teaser releases.

    Just wait, we still have about a year ahead to watch these scenes here on the sneak peek before the complete movie is released.

  100. admin says:

    We took the video down because it had leaked to other sites. Didn’t want the confusion with the new teaser and this video. After all, this was just to get your comments.

    And as for the first five minutes – as Kris said, we’re still making the film – they’ll be posted later this year when they’re ready. Meanwhile we’ll offer exclusive looks into the production. And based on the good experience with this video we will definetly be asking for yours opinions again.

  101. says:

    I would want to publish the Iron Sky Teaser 3 to advertise on my website. Is that okay?

    • admin says:

      As long as you’re not asking for money it’s all good. So go ahead.

  102. says:

    it is only a little bit promotion for the movie and of course it is for free on

  103. says:

    The video is marked private???

  104. says:

    The video is marked private???

  105. says:

    Yeah I can NOT watch the video it is marked as private. Seems like you provided the wrong link in the sneak peek blog.

  106. says:

    I can’t watch the video, too. Why is it “private”?

  107. matt99is says:

    I can’t watch it anymore 🙁

  108. says:

    I just joined and I discover a “sneak peek” is removed…

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