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Iron Sky Comic #1: Bad Moon Rising

This month we have you something totally different, and probably unexpected. We have been talking about the Iron Sky comic books which are coming out very soon. To thank you for your continuing support, we have decided to give you Sneak Peekers the three Iron Sky comics for free, starting with the preview of the first issue: Bad Moon Rising.


by Iron Sky — Posted in Comics, Sneak Peek

Hello Iron Sky Sneak Peekers!

This month we have you something totally different, and probably unexpected. We have been talking about the Iron Sky comic books which are coming out very soon. To thank you for your continuing support, we have decided to give you Sneak Peekers the three Iron Sky comics for free, starting with the preview of the first issue: Bad Moon Rising.

For now you can read the comic preview in your browser, but in the near future we will publish it in digital comic stores, and we are looking for ways to publish it in paper form also in different regions. So, if you want your own copy of the comic, stay tuned!

So, here is the first issue of Iron Sky comic, Bad Moon Rising – written by Mikko Rautalahti of Alan Wake fame and illustrated by Gerry Kissel!


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Comments: 36

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36 Responses to Iron Sky Comic #1: Bad Moon Rising

  1. says:

    This is so mathematical!!! I will check it out in the evening, a quick look at the comic book shows that it’s frigging awesome! Good work as usual, guys!

    I have a question – can I use the cover or the comic page on this sneak peek page ( ) to promote your comic book on my fan website?

  2. admin says:

    Sure you can! We love free promotion 🙂

    If you want to blog about this feel free to use this pic. Also as long as you only show a panel or two you can use screenshots from the first 10 pages (so not to spoil the plot). I think that would qualify as “fair use”.

  3. says:

    Thanks guys! Looking forward to this first taste of the Iron Sky story.

  4. says:


  5. says:

    Just read it, nice work, nice build up to the film, cant wait..

  6. says:

    An interesting idea to have a prologue in comic book format. Reminds me of Jade Warrior. Not meaning you are copying ideas. It’s been done many times. But here it seems to fit particularly well.

    I’ve seen better comix art, but I have seen a lot more WORSE. Does its job more than adequately. Love the colouring. I forget the name of the Moon Führer played by Udo Kier, but I guess that’s Wolfgang.

    Seeing him (?) as a baby somehow him playing with toy soldiers makes more sense in a way I cannot explain. Also, the wacky mcguffin of stolen sausages is quite WTF hilarious. Hope it will be a mcguffin.

    One doesn’t have to be a mad genius nazi scientist to guess the next chapter in 1969 will somehow involve Apollo missions. Can’t wait, although that’s all I can do.

    Keep on rock… er singing Horst Wessel.

  7. says:

    The comic is Great! Cant wait for the next issue!
    But… I gotta know, Please.
    It certainly looks like it, but i need it confirmed.
    Am i the inspiration for Oberst Lauterbach?
    There cant be that many more readbearded madmen who sent in their pictures? 😀

    Fredrik ‘Fritz’ Johansson

  8. Zattom says:

    Awesome news! I would like to translate the comic in French. May I ?
    Well done and good continuation. (;

    PS: to see my works.

  9. Shadrach says:

    Awesome. ALways love these updates no matter what. A chance we can get downloadable PDFs of these? The comic on that site is a bit small to read properly.

  10. admin says:

    Shadarach: Did you double click to zoom? If that’s not enough we’ll make the zoom pages a big bigger in the future.

    Downloads will be available when we release the comics properly, but it looks like we’ll be doing the web viewing here on sneakpeek and have downloadable version in comic stores.

  11. says:

    Make the zoom pages 1,5x bigger please, makes reading a lot more comfortable!

    Very nice comic indeed; very sinister, but also with a lot of Finnish humour!

  12. says:

    Fredrik, I did use your face for Oberst Lauterbach.
    All my best,

  13. admin says:

    All right, in the future we’ll make the zoom pages bigger!

    As said, this is a “preview”. We’ll repost this issue and release the coming issues here on sneak peek with any fixes that might be in order.

  14. says:

    Thank you Gerry for the confirmation. I am now so proud and happy i think my head would explode if i could manage to get it down from the clouds. Not often am i rendered speechless but this… Wow…

  15. says:

    Glad you like it Frtiz. You had a cool face to render.

  16. Kabur Naj says:

    Fantastic! I thoroughly enjoyed the comic, and look forward to the second issue.

    I hate to do this, but feel I should point out a minor typographical/grammatical error in the text. On the very last page the phrase “Our ascension took us to purer, cleaner world.” should be “Our ascension took us to a purer, cleaner world.” (Or perhaps: “Our ascension took us to purer, cleaner worlds.” Spoilers?)

    Aside from that, awesome! I can’t wait for the movie!

  17. Kabur Naj says:

    Oops. I didn’t realize our email address (default nickname) would be displayed in the forum comments.

    Site moderator: can you please edit the above post and replace my email address with my updated name? Alternatively, can you give me the ability to delete my own comments and repost? Thanks!

  18. strawman1776 says:

    Great job, guys. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

  19. says:

    Great. Simply great. Please continue …

  20. says:

    So they blow up the base in 1945 or 1947? Did you just skip past 2 years of preparations, or did you forget about ‘Iron Sky: Operation Highjump’?

  21. says:

    Really great !
    Or at least add a level of zoom to the reader. (the zooming in the browser does not work with your book-reader-site and the text is STILL TOO SMALL with the zoom provided)

  22. says:

    admin: Cool, thanks! Since you allow to use stuff from first pages, I’ll use the cover, it looks really amazing! Dig your free promotion at in 10 minutes 🙂

  23. admin says:

    Chip: Already noted. Zoomed pics will be bigger.

  24. says:

    Most excellent!! I look forward to the next installment, and of course the film.

  25. says:

    Simply great!! Professionally drawn cartoon with nice story. Looking forward to the movie and everything about the iron sky.

  26. says:

    The plot is brilliant 🙂
    Looking forward to the next comic and especially the movie!

  27. Marina Goritskaia says:

    The cover page of this version looks a lot better than on the free one released today. Hope to see it in print.

  28. says:

    Does it include any possible minor spoilers for the movie? I mean I know the stuff that’s been shown on sneakpeek but otherwise I want to remain as spoiler-free as possible for the actual movie.

  29. admin says:

    Juhani: No spoilers. It will expand on the universe, so unless you don’t want to know anything about that it’s safe.

  30. admin says:

    As you might have noticed we decided to release this issue free for all – and let people pay what they want by joining Sneak Peek… But you know all about that.

    The new version has bigger pictures when you zoom in and should be easier to read, so if you’ve been waiting for that go to:

    For you sneak peekers we’ll release a downloadable version as well.

  31. says:

    All this crowd sourcing and free publishing warms my heart. It’s nice to see something different and a bit wacky to come out of our dark and cold land.

    The comic was a nice read, but in the next issue you guys might want to concentrate more in placing the speech bubbles, as some of them covered crucial things like the blond nazis face, when the professor and redheaded bearded officer talk. Also some frames seemed to miss speech bubbles entirely.

    Keep it up!!!

  32. says:

    Might have been fun if i could see it. My iPad doesn’t do flash

  33. admin says:

    Sneakpeekers can download a pdf of the comic here:

    Should suit your ipad just fine 🙂

  34. says:

    Where are the other issues?

  35. says:

    ????? what happened to the other issues? is that the price for having supported this project, just one comic???

  36. says:

    Looks like they want us to pay again to get it all in the form of a graphic novel

    Whats going on as we where promised these

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