Let the world (and distributors) know you want to see Iron Sky! It’ll only take a few clicks but having people from all over the world request the film will make it easier to get it to your local theater. They Demand to See Iron Sky!

Support Iron Sky

The Iron Sky community has helped us in several ways, from giving us ideas and materials via Wreckamovie to helping us finance the movie by buying merchandise or investing directly in the movie. This help is not cosmetic or a gimmick, it’s very important for us in a very concrete way.

Help Fund the Production of

The story of Iron Sky continues, and this time, we want to be dependant on nobody but our fans, friends and followers out there. With Iron Sky, we spent all of our energy in trying to finance the film, forced to be doing bad deals and compromising a lot. We had to tweak the story to meet the needs of the financiers but still fight to keep the integrity of the story intact – had we not fought, we’d probably had Mickey Mouse in Moon Base with Santa Claus – this actually was one real suggestion to make the story “funnier”. We don’t want to end up in these discussions again and we don’t want to spend five years trying to come up with the money.

With Iron Sky 2, we want to go darker, we want to go crazier, we want to be more experimental. We believe it’s going to be the most awesome science fiction film of the decade. And then there’s the distribution angle. With Iron Sky, we had some bad experiences, and we were constantly frustrated by the fact that we had no power over defining when the film comes out and where. This time, we want to keep all the control over the distribution to ourselves. Head over to Indiegogo and chip in! Indiegogo logo

Suggestions for Sponsors & Partners

We are constantly looking for companies, persons, foundations, institutions, celebrities, national heroes or evil geniuses who might be interested in sponsoring or helping otherwise with Iron Sky. Do you want to have your logo on Time Square in 2018? We can help you with that.