The soundtrack for Iron Sky is composed by influential Slovenian music group Laibach who describe themselves as ‘engineers of human souls’. It is released on the iconic “Mute” label and is out now!

Since the 80′s they creatively questioned artistic quotation, appropriation, re-contextualisation and copyright by using their Laibach Kunst Machine!

Combining Laibachian omnipotence of industrial, dark, harsh beats and pompous soundscapes together with Wagnerian themes they’ve put together the soundtrack album, charged with almost 80 minutes of music from the film, including heart-achingly beautiful songs like “Take Me to Heaven” and “Under the Iron Sky“.

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“One of the greatest parts of the whole production of Iron Sky was the opportunity to work with one of my all-time favorite bands, Laibach. I’ve always been inspired by Laibach’s controversial attitude towards taboos, such as the Nazi iconography, and their dark, extremely bitter and cynical sense of humour. Their earlier album “Volk” was a great inspiration to me when I was starting the project in early 2006, and when the possibility to work with Laibach arose, I felt that we had found the missing link from the film.”

“I wanted to have a soundtrack that can stand on its’ own, that acts almost like a character in the film, rather than a boring background soundtrack score we’ve used to hear so often in science fiction and action films. Laibach took the challenge, and found a very interesting, colorful and strong approach to the soundtrack by bringing Wagner’s melodies to the Laibachian soundscapes. The end result is one of the proudest achievements of Iron Sky, and in many ways an element that made so much of the atmosphere of the film that it’s hard to even imagine what it would’ve been without Laibach’s involvement.”

-Timo Vuorensola, director of Iron Sky

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Iron Sky (The Original Film Soundtrack) - Laibach