Iron Sky selling out screenings in the UK – Revolver still refusing a proper cinema release

May 20, 2012 · Print This Article

You may have been following Iron Sky’s UK release “plan”, which is to put it out to cinemas for only one day, and then rush out a DVD just few days later. We are not OK with this, and we’ve been trying to make them change their minds.

Revolver said that if the one-day release of Iron Sky is successful they will extend the theatrical run:

“Revolver is still in discussion with the exhibitors about extending the cinema run. Come out on the 23rd May, show your support, make IRON SKY day a huge success and lets keep the film playing on the big screen!”

But apparently, they have no intention on doing so.

Today we got an email from a owner of a legendary Prince Charles Cinema in London, who has been trying to book more showings from Revolver for Iron Sky without success. After already having sold out three screening, mind you. Here’s what he had to say:

“We have been amazed by the interest in Iron Sky, having sold out two performances in only a few days we ended up putting a third late evening screening on due to the fact we are only allowed to show the film for one day theatrically. It’s such a shame as we feel there is huge audience out there wanting to see the film on a Cinema screen. Hopefully we will be able to change the film distributors attitude and get them to allow us to screen the film for a run in the near future.”

So, Revolver is saying one thing and doing another. When confronted with this matter, they kept on claiming that if there is enough demand, they’ll keep the movie in the theaters for a longer time, but given the comments we’ve been hearing from theaters, they have no intention on doing so.

Because Revolver is not doing their job, we need to find another way. For this, it would be ideal to know directly the demand from the theaters. So, here’s a new assignment for those who want to help: contact your local film theater and ask them to extend the cinema release from Revolver, and if Revolver refuses, we would be happy to be informed of that.

The whole ridiculousness of the situation is making waves across the Internet. We’ve been following as thousands of tweets and comments on Twitter and Facebook are demanding Revolver to change their plans. Even UK’s leading film critic Mark Kermode from BBC has been wondering the situation:

“I’m astonished that in a world where Piranha 3DD was released on several screens around the country and everybody can go out and see it, Iron Sky is going to be released for one day and go straight to BluRay and DVD — it deserves more than that!”

Revolver, if you want anyone to believe you actually support our film, now is the time to step up and let the theaters who want to run Iron Sky longer than one day do so!