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The press release about the teaser is out.

For immediate release


In 1945 the Nazis went to the Moon. In 2018, they are coming back.

A two-and-a-half minute teaser for the dark science fiction comedy Iron Sky was released today at

Iron Sky will be the second film by the creators of Star Wreck, the most popular Internet feature film of all time, as well as the most popular Finnish film ever. Over 8 million people have downloaded Star Wreck since its free Internet release in 2005. The film was eventually distributed by Universal Pictures as a premium DVD.

Iron Sky is a pitch-black science fiction comedy that holds nothing sacred. It combines the dry irony of Dr. Strangelove with the visual style of invasion films such as Independence Day. Finns are known for their dark wit, perhaps due to their history successively under the oppressive thumb of Sweden, Russia, and the Nazis. Star Wreck repeatedly skewered Russia (and was wildly successful there), and Iron Sky continues in the same vein of mocking totalitarianism.

Says director Timo Vuorensola: “Iron Sky is a story about conformity: those who want to conform, those who want to make others conform, and those who refuse to conform.”

The earlier film Star Wreck was a huge collaborative process, with over 3,000 people participating. While the process for that film was ad-hoc and fairly chaotic, Iron Sky is being made with the help of a new web site called whose aim is to enable this sort of Internet-era collaborative filmmaking.

“With Star Wreck, we learned how to gather large numbers of volunteers, to break tasks down and create a film in a distributed manner”, Vuorensola describes the process. “For our second film, we decided to take all that knowledge and automate it. is our collaborative film-making web site. WreckAMovie is being used today to make Iron Sky as well as the Finnish horror film Sauna (, and it is available for other films as well.

With Iron Sky, Vuorensola expects to gather an active, vibrant and collaborative community of 10,000 people around the project. While the final product will be Hollywood quality, the model has more in common with social networking and Internet movements such as Creative Commons and Open Source.

Iron Sky is being filmed in English, with an estimated budget of 5 million dollars. The Star Wreck filmmakers have teamed up with veteran producers Tero Kaukomaa and Petri Jokiranta, whose previous film Man’s Job was Finland’s official entry for the Oscars this year. The script is written by Johanna Sinisalo, Finland’s best-known science fiction writer. Her first novel Not Before Sundown has been translated to 20 languages, and has received both domestic and international awards.

The Producers will be in Cannes financing Iron Sky with a fresh script as well as the teaser and Wreck A Movie – platform

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