Iron Sky marketing mistaken for news. Moon Nazis become a frightening reality.

January 18, 2010 · Print This Article

Has a Swastika shape been found on the moon?

Has a Swastika shape been found on the moon?

This weekend a new thread was posted on the Internets’ biggest conpiracy website, Above Top Secret. The thread started with a starling claim:

The photos reveal a structure in the Schroedinger crater near the southern lunar polar region; official sources have failed to provide an explanation for it. Scientists are baffled by the discovery, and numerous UFO and conspiracy researchers have interpreted it to prove the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence.

And not only that, looking at the picture there was no change of mistake, the huge structure was shaped like a swastika. It quickly gathered several pages of discussion and soon was one of the most popular topics on the site. By end of sunday over 11,000 people have clicked trough the link to read the news.

It was just the kind of news people browse conspiracy theory forums for, something that would change the world as we know it. And they’d be the first to know. There was just one small problem. The news was published on a newspaper called “The Truth Today“.

The Truth Today paperboy distributes newspapers at the Berlin film festival.

The Truth Today paperboy distributes newspapers at the Berlin film festival.

Yeah, you might remember we gave away The Truth Today at the Berlin and Cannes Film Festivals. After that we also set up a website to archive all the great stories people from Wreckamovie had written. Volunteers are to start updating the Truth Today website with fresh articles soon, but lately the paper has lived a quiet life as we’ve gotten ready to start the production.

Apparently it was all a well-meaning mistake, the original poster hadn’t checked rest of the stories before posting the story on ATS. It didn’t take long before people started pointing out that it’s all just marketing for the film Iron Sky. Still, even on page 6 of the discussion some are still wondering if the picture has been Photoshopped. Some have even been going over Nasa’s employee records to prove there is no Roslyn Villacorta working there!

Honestly, we’re all very flattered by this. I barely had 15 minutes to Photoshop that picture so I’m really happy it stand up to scrutiny!

The story has now been moved from the conspiracy forums to the movie forum, wich is quite an elegant move from the moderators in a situation like this. Hopefully no one feels hoaxed, because we honestly never have tried to pass The Truth Today off as a real newspaper. And quite frankly I never imagined it even could be mistaken for a real news (something many commentators also pointed out).

And remember – don’t believe everything you read. Anywhere.