Remix the Iron Sky teaser

We’re releasing the Iron Sky teaser Remix Pack, it includes video and audio from the teaser in separate files for easy editing. What we hope to see is your interpretation of the teaser and the song “Under the Iron Sky“. Of course if you want to do somethng completely different that’s okay too, as long as you follow couple of rules.

The Rules

The Remix Pack is released under the Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike license.

You are free to remix the teaser and/or the song as long as it is not for commercial purposes (ie. no money is charged in any point) and you attribute the source. The end result will also have to be released under these same rules. You can find the full license text here.

Do note that while we allow remixing of our material we can not give you permission to use other people’s works – so it is entire up to you to make sure you have the right to use all of the material you include in your remixes.

The Content

The pack includes:

  • All the scenes of the teaser in separate video files
  • Teaser’s audio track with just the sound effects
  • The song “Under the Iron Sky” with vocals and instruments in separate audio tracks

Remixing the video

If you create your own versio of the Iron Sky teasers please label them with either the term “fan teaser” or “teaser remix”.

Please attribute the footage with the line: “Includes footage from the Iron Sky teaser“.

To get your work seen upload them to YouTube as video replies to the official Iron Sky teaser. We’ll be watching.

Remixing the song

The Remix pack includes a remix tracks for the teaser song “Under the Iron Sky”. It is licenced under the same rules as the footage.
Please attribute the song as “Under the Iron Sky by Soundreel“.

To get your remix heard upload the song to a place of your choosing and send a link to our forum or to the Teaser Remix project at (once we get that up and running).

Download the Remix Pack

Okay, you know what to do. Next up, go to Clearbits to download the pack and do something cool:

Download from Clearbits