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Producer’s Investment Pool


Producer’s Investment Pool

Shootings are done and we are in our 17 m€ budget. Editing goes smooth, effect work is soon in full speed. It’s going to be an amazing film. The challenge though is that we had to defer all our own fees to keep the train going. To share our own financial risk, we have created Producer`s Investment Pool, which consists of total 200 equal investments, each worth of 5.000 € as a minimum investment.

The investment has a good front position in recoupment schedule, right after GAP-loan from the Banks, with a good premium and a back-end profit if the Film becomes Big. On top we are happy to provide various Fan Perks, such as invitations to Rough Cut Screenings etc.

If you are interested, please contact and he will send more information.


You might also be interested in our producer Tero Kaukomaa’s blog post explaining hot the investment pool works.

Stay tuned for information of our roadshow to screen some footage for interested investors.

Obi’s character teaser shows off a little of the footage we shot.

Questions & Answers:

Q: Is it possible to see the material of the film?

A: If you are interested to invest it is possible to arrange a meeting and see a show reel of the film in Berlin, Zürich and Helsinki. If you are interested, please contact Also, other locations are possible whenever the Iron Sky team is travelling.

Q: How will the revenues and profits be collected

A: When the film starts generating money from advance sales & box office & dvd/bluray & digital & TV etc, it will be collected by our collection agent Fintage. The function of a collection agent is to then redistribute (after its fee) the money to all beneficiaries in the order defined in the recoupment schedule based on all financing contracts. From the money coming in you will get your share until 3 years from the commercial release in the United States (estimated autumn 2017). First you recoup your investment plus a premium (fixed interest) and then later, if the film makes profit, also a profit share as defined in the agreement.

Q: How does this affect the shareholders of Iron Sky Universe?

A: Producer’s Investment Pool does not affect Iron Sky War Universe shareholders as these pool investments are direct investments into Iron Sky The Coming Race feature film project.

Q: How does this affect the Iron Sky War Bond Holders?

A: Producer’s Investment Pool does not affect Iron Sky War Bond Holders as these pool investments are direct investments into Iron Sky The Coming Race feature film project.

DISCLAIMER: PLEASE NOTE THAT, this material is for marketing purposes only. This text is only explanatory and shall not form any legal relation or be used under any circumstances for interpretations of content of such legal relation. The accurate, complete and binding terms and conditions for such investment are provided in separate written investment agreement which shall not bind either of the parties or has no effect on relation between them until it has been signed by both of such parties.

Other Business Inquiries

If you have any other business related inquiries you can contact our representatives:

Business inquiries & Investment

Tero Kaukomaa
+41 79 253 7638

Partners & Sponsorship

Pekka Ollula
Communications officer
+358 50 565 9683

World Sales

Glenn Ackermann
V International Media
+49 172 109 5644 (Europe)
+1 310 404 8684 (USA)

Michel J. Wandewalle
+49 89 2007 19 09

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