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What is the Iron Sky Fanchise?

Iron Sky Fanchise is the fan-powered franchise. We want to create awesome online content set in the Iron Sky Universe. You have the ideas.

Pitch us a story or a concept you think would fit the world of Iron Sky and we could produce it together!

Get your creativity flowing!

What we want to do is to find great ideas and work with you to make them into great content. This is not a competition, we aren’t looking for a lucky winner. What we offer you is to take your hand and walk trough the creative process with you, with all it’s highs and lows.

The Ground Rules


We’ll do an open call for pitches, be it for films, games, VR experiences or something we haven’t even thought of! We only have a few ground rules:

  1. It should take no more than 10 minutes of the viewers time to experience.
  2. It has to be possible to produce with a reasonable budget.
  3. It has to be connected to Iron Sky somehow – but do think outside the box. It does not have to include space Nazis or reptilians as long as it fits the pulp spirit of the world.

We will select our favorites, develop them with you on our crowdsourcing platform at, put them into production and travel to infinity and beyond! Short & feature films are of course the most familiar format to us, but we live in the future and have so many awesome ways to spend our time. If you have a great idea for a VR experience, a comic, podcast, game or something completely different we’d love to hear it! There are no limits on the media or the genre.

We are looking for simple pitches of under 500 character at this stage. However, once we move into development we’d love to have you more involved and use your talents. Your involvement beyond the pitch would depend on where your interests lie, maybe you would be the screenwriter, sound designer, director, producer or whatever position your skills would shine in!

How will it work?


1. Open Call

We will do an open call for ideas. Short pitches or idea descriptions, no longer than 500 characters. Preliminary schedule for this is from May 2016 till the end of January 2017.

Granted rights: Submitting a pitch requires you to agree with the terms presented in the terms & conditions. Please see the About the Agreement and granted rights section below for more info.

2. First selection

We select our favorite pitches and after that we will contact the authors if they would like to continue developing them further and in what capacity.

Fanchise Production Agreement: The Producer evaluates the ideas and the suitable ideas will be developed further, funded and produced. In case Your idea is taken into the Production, you are welcomed to participate producing the part based on Your idea. It is under sole decision power of the Producer to evaluate which ideas will be taken into Production. Please note that the Producer has no obligation to include Your idea to the Production.

If you choose to work with us we will draw a contract that covers your work on the production from that point forward. This contract will specify, among other things, how any possible profits will be shared etc.

3. Development

At this stage we’ll develop the most promising ideas further with you, up to the synopsis stage. Ideas can move towards development even before the January 2017 deadline for submissions.

4. Final selection

Based on the synopses created in the development phase we will select a final group of projects that will move forward into pre-production.

5. Pre-production & funding

Each project will be assigned a producer who is responsible for moving it forward. It could even be you or somebody else found through our platform. Iron Sky Universe will oversee the production and provide support.

At this stage we’ll get ready to produce the projects. Creating scripts, budgets and breakdowns. Basically this is the “all engines are go” stage. Though as this is show business, things can still chance.

6. Production

Once we get here, it’s time to make the project into a reality!

Reality check: We cannot guarantee that a project selected for development will get funding or something could happen during pre-production. We want to make this clear, because it is a reality for any and all projects in the industry; if we, together with you and/or selected responsible producer, can`t find the funding & resources, there wont be a production.

7. Release

We will create an individual release plan for the projects during production, with most of the projects most likely distributed digitally. We would expect that all upcoming Fanchise productions are able to stand as their own individual entertainment experiences or as part of a collection. For films we will aim for cinema screening(s), for other media we will select the most appropriate distribution methods.

About the Agreement and granted rights:

Please note that by providing such Fanchise ideas You enter into an agreement by and between You and Iron Sky Universe Oy, a Finnish limited liability company with business ID 2584146-3 (the “Producer”). The terms and conditions of the Agreement are presented the terms & conditions page. Acceptance of such Terms and Conditions is a prerequisite for participating the Fanchising activities.

Please note that for the purposes of such Fanchise production, including but not limited to possibly created film, online content and any other present or future creations, You grant and assign to the Producer and other relevant parties a fully-paid, worldwide, irrevocable, exclusive and perpetual right, title and interest and all intellectual property rights in and to all material and content provided by You for such Fanchise activities regardless of form of expression.

We don’t want to give too much away before projects are released, so we ask you to keep your pitches confidential until they are made public as part of the project. For any work beyond the pitching phase confidentiality will be laid out in the separate production agreement.

Submit Your Idea