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Open Call for Great Ideas – introducing Iron Sky Fanchise

Pitch us a project set in the Iron Sky universe and we could make them together.


by Iron Sky — Posted in Blog

Today we are launching the Iron Sky Fanchise – a fan-powered franchise. The equation is quite simple. We want to create awesome online content set in the Iron Sky Universe. We have a great audience who are incredibly creative. Why don’t we bring those together.

Fanchise is an open call for our fans to submit projects set in the same fictional universe as Iron Sky. We will pick the best ideas and produce them together with our fans, taking fan fiction and offering the chance to turn it into official content.


Short films are of course the most familiar format to us, but we live in the future. So of you have a great idea for a VR experience, a comic, podcast, game or something completely different we’d love to hear it! There are no limits on the media or the genre. We only have a couple of ground rules:

  1. It should take no more than 10 minutes of the viewers time to experience.
  2. It has to be possible to produce with a reasonable budget.
  3. It has to be connected to Iron Sky somehow – but do think outside the box. It does not have to include space Nazis or reptilians as long as it fits the pulp spirit of the world.

What we want to do is to find great ideas and work with you to make them into great content. Something that fits in the Iron Sky Univer, basically quirky, cool stuff.
Read more on our Fanchise page and submit your ideas. Let’s get creative!

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