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Reptilian Hunting Season Starts in October! let's give old reptilian Thatcher the send-off she deserves.


by Iron Sky — Posted in Blog

On October 12th we’ll go a-hunting for some reptilian bastards. Starting with Margaret Thatcher. And we’ll do it the way real-life Maggie would have wanted – with capitalism!


You see, we have an awesome film coming up, with a great cast of villains from the rich history of humanity. Turns out many of our beloved leaders have been shape-shifting reptilians. And instead of dying, they’ve just gone home to the center of the Earth. Plot happens and many of them end up biting the dust.

Except poor reptilian Thatcher. Her death scene is really cool, but we ended up spending more money on dinosaurs than expected (don’t you hate when that happens?) and had to make some hard cuts to stay on budget – meaning that Maggie was to meet her maker off-screen.

The thing is though, we’d really like to give her the send-off she deserves. And coming across her blue suit while rummaging trough the props and costumes we have in storage got us thinking. We have two containers of cool, unique stuff from the filming, so why don’t we sell off some of it and use the money to kill Margaret Thatcher.

That’s why on Wednesday October 12th we’ll open a new Indiegogo campaign, with a selection of awesome, unique items from the film as well as other cool perks.

Stay tuned!

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