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Going to China

Our next film project will be Iron Sky: The Ark, developed together with Shandong Jiabo Culture Development Co. Ltd. and produced in China.


by Iron Sky — Posted in Blog

Earlier today in Shanghai we announced a joint film project between Iron Sky Universe and Shandong Jiabo Culture Development Co. Ltd. titled Iron Sky: The Ark, the film will be produced and funded in China with Timo Vuorensola directing.

Iron Sky: The Ark will be set in China, giving a new perspective at the Moon Nazi invasion. The film won’t be a direct follow-up to The Coming Race though, but happens earlier in the timeline and tells another story set in the Iron Sky universe. The script is great and fits perfectly to the vision on what the Iron Sky’s universe should be all about – conspiracies, visually stunning action and loads of fun.

The film’s Finnish producer is Tero Kaukomaa and Chinese producer is Max Wang, who also wrote the original script. Before the first Iron Sky Kaukomaa produced the first Finnish-Chinese kung-fu film Jade Warrior in 2005 and Wang’s previous production, Jean-Jacques Annaud’s Wolf Totem, grossed over $110 million at the Chinese box office.

Mr. Song Xianqiang, CEO of Jiabo Culture is no less excited about the cooperation. “We are thrilled with Iron Sky The Ark, a Chinese story and dream on the big screen and the innovative model of the production which contributes to the richness of international cooperation in China film market.”

Putting the parties’ co-operation together is Executive Producer of Iron Sky: The Ark, Ms. May He, CEO of Longevity Intl. Enterprises of Canada, with rich experience on working with world top directors in China market and international film production.  “This is a perfect match, a powerful merge of international film series with China market”, she comments. “Science fiction movies are very well received in China, and Iron Sky: The Ark will be the Chinese science fiction story illustrated with international advanced film technology.”

The plan is to start filming Iron Sky: The Ark next year and have the film in theaters in 2018.

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2 Responses to Going to China

  1. dogon64 says:

    This came as a surprise.

  2. Jurgen13 says:

    I propose to remove Iron Sky: The Ark in a mixture of Adventure Time, Timo Vuorensolk is clear this cartoon in the style of Iron Sky.

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